About this Site

This blog is for our friend Geoff.

I am not a fan of poetry but when I read Geoff’s I change my mind; his is the only I have come across that I can read and enjoy and marvel, each and every time.

Our good friend Geoff didn’t get the easiest start in life and now he just keeps himself to himself, living alone in a shed in a wood.  He sells selected second-hand books at a local market for a living, helps another friend who runs a recycling service (pretty much for free) and he writes amazingly thought provoking poetry.

I have created this blog to help Geoff earn some income from his words, I certainly feel he deserves to.  This will help him survive in our difficult-to-live-in, modern world.

If you use Geoff’s poems for yourself, for example a friend’s birthday card; please use the Paypal donate button for each use.  It is only £2.50 / $2.50 / €2.50.
If you want to use Geoff’s poetry for commercial purposes or making a profit in some way; please contact me and we can discuss it.

Mat al at Liquiphonics HiFi

P.S.  Geoff only seems to write in capitals which I think will feel like shouting if used on this blog.  So I have used lower case as in the ‘usual’ way.  But I do have to interpret at times.  Other than that, I try very hard to mimic his written words and images as much as possible – spacing, justification, indents, grammar, punctuation . . .


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