Ways of Being Human Forgotten

In the beginning was the touch
an arm stretched across the gulf between you and me
the movement of fingers in fur
(the -ologist within the primate dismisses it as grooming)
touch kept the word at arms length
as nothing need be said where skin to skin relate
fingers in fur, communication pure.
But somewhere, somewhen population pressure
forced a primate reaction, the first spoken word
too much fur, not enough fingers
that’s when words stepped in (to lend a hand)
that’s when we lost our fur
and gained . . .  well nothing really
save the healing hand with green thumb
and four fickle fingers of fate
lionised for its ability to create
things in need of a name.
The ways of being human forgotten
the ways of human being forbidden
and we became nothing more
than well-fed, self-satisfied word factories
smug with the glory of the story
or words spoken in chains unbroken,
pictures painted in minds untainted.


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